Worship Arts

The FCWC Worship Arts Ministry exists to MAGNIFY GOD through many forms of artistic expression.

We believe WORSHIP is a powerful way to shine a light on Who God is, expressing what He's done, and thanking Him for His goodness.

We believe we live in a "media crazed" culture where it is imperative that we strive to communicate the truths of God in relevant ways. At FCWC, we use video, on-screen presentations, sound and lighting to light the path to God as plainly as possible to our culture.

Our God is a creative God. In light of that truth, we also use other creative means to communicate His truth and express our love for Him. Actors, painters, photograghers, dancers, videographers, writers, and set builders are some of the creative people we use here.

If you are an artist, like to sing or play in the band or like to build stuff, we would like to get to know you! You can connect with the Worship Arts staff by contacting John Whirledge.